Vangl2 in the Dentate Network Modulates Pattern Separation and Pattern Completion

Congratulations to:

  • Benjamin J.A. Robert,
  • Maïté M. Moreau,
  • Steve Dos Santos Carvalho,
  • Gael Barthet,
  • Claudia Racca,
  • Mehdi Bhouri,
  • Anne Quiedeville,
  • Maurice Garret,
  • Bénédicte Atchama,
  • Alice Shaam Al Abed,
  • Christelle Guette,
  • Deborah J. Henderson,
  • Aline Desmedt,
  • Christophe Mulle,
  • Aline Marighetto,
  • Mireille Montcouquiol,
  • Nathalie Sans

for publishing a new article in Cell Reports using our radial maze and videotracking system.

Published: 2020, June 9th