The Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) is unavoidable for the majority of private research companies and CRO. Our GLP module may be added to all our softwares. This module requires the creation of an administrator, who manages the users’ accounts. The accounts are nominative and each user has got an ID, a password, and a duration of availability. Our software needs a series of information to be fed (to be customized, please contact us) in order to authorize the launch of an experiment. An audit report is encoded and may be read by the administrator. It gives informations about the identity of the users, the dates, and the details of the experiments run.

Our sales service helps you:

  • writing customized experimental protocols to conduct operant conditioning, or other complex tasks to analyze attention or memory,
  • defining customized output variables, in order to meet specific needs. If required, we may discuss to create new calculation functionalities.

As our softwares keep evolving to upgrade the experience of our clients, we propose editing customized softwares to focus on specific behavioral analyses.

We may develop functions on Matlab to make some calculations and to display the results on graphs. Please contact us to get more details.