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Effects of a psychedelic 5-HT2A receptor agonist on anxiety-related behavior and fear processing in mice

Congratulation to : Błażej D. Pędzich, Sarah Rubens, Mehdi Sekssaoui, Anouk Pierre, Andries … Read more

Doublecortin mutation leads to persistent defects in the Golgi apparatus and mitochondria in adult hippocampal pyramidal cells

Congratulation to : M.A. Stouffer R. Khalaf-Nazzal C. Cifuentes-Diaz G. Albertini E. Bandet … Read more

AAV‐delivered diacylglycerol kinase DGKk achieves long‐term rescue of fragile X syndrome mouse model

Congratulation to : Karima Habbas Oktay Cakil Boglárka Zámbó Ricardos Tabet Fabrice Riet … Read more

Morphine reduces the interest for natural rewards

Congratulation to : Alessandro Piccin Gilles Courtand Angelo Contarino To publish their new … Read more

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Additionally to the apparatus introduced in this section, our Polymodal System, equipped as an example with retractable levers, pellet dispenser, trough with visit detection, drinking trough with lickmeter, has also been designed to study feeding behavior.

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Drug dependency

We propose several apparatus that have been specifically developed to study drug dependencies. Moreover, our Polymodal System, with a drug intravenous self-administration equipment (nosepokes, cue-lights, syringe-pump, sound) is totally adapted to study drug addiction.

Neurobiology Apparatus

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