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Basal amygdala inputs to the medial prefrontal cortex mediate fear memory strengthening

Congratulation to : E. Einarsson A. Flores D. Jercog C. Herry To publishing … Read more

NeuroDev Symposium

IMETRONIC will take part of NeuroDev international congress!Neurodevelopmental disorders: from molecular mecanisms to … Read more

Hippocampal Cannabinoid 1 Receptors Are Modulated Following Cocaine Self-administration in Male Rats

Congratulations to: De Sa Nogueira D Bourdy R Alcala-Vida R Filliol D Andry … Read more

Acute pre-learning stress selectively impairs hippoampus-dependent fear memory consolidation: Behavioral and molecular evidence

Congratulations to: Faucgher P Huget C Mons N Micheau J For publishing a … Read more

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Additionally to the apparatus introduced in this section, our Polymodal System, equipped as an example with retractable levers, pellet dispenser, trough with visit detection, drinking trough with lickmeter, has also been designed to study feeding behavior.

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Drug dependency

We propose several apparatus that have been specifically developed to study drug dependencies. Moreover, our Polymodal System, with a drug intravenous self-administration equipment (nosepokes, cue-lights, syringe-pump, sound) is totally adapted to study drug addiction.

Neurobiology Apparatus

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