The Wall is equipped with 6 nose pokes which provides informations on social interactions between two animals.



The Wall separate the cage in 2 equal parts in order to make a fine analyze of the social interactions between 2 animals. It is equipped with 6 automatic nose pokes which allows animals to communicate and smell each other. Each nose poke has 2 infrared beams, one per each side of the cage. Our software accounts for pokes of each animal and different types of social interactions.

                                                           wall2                                        proto_souris

+ Videotracking

Our software can be combined with our videotracking system to analyze the locomotion of animals, paths, crosses and time spent. 

Images Vidéotracking_Wall_EN

+ Electrophysiology

It is also possible to record electrophysiological activities of neurons in rodents by connecting one of the animal to our  electric commutator. In this way, this system can synchronize neuronal and behavioral events.



The software save each poke realized and then determine all the characteritics of social interactions: which animal visit the nose poke, doubles visits…etc.
It also allows calculating the duration of each visit, the kinetic of visits per customized time unit.

All the results are displayed in a Microsoft Excel compatible datasheet.