Vogel Test

Identifying anxiolytic and anxiogenic drugs, behavioral study of conflict, ...

Vogel Test


We propose Vogel test apparatus in racks of 8, in a mobile and ventilated cupboard. Each compartment of the rack is equipped with:

  • programmable houselights,
  • 2 compartments: one dark and one bright,
  • an electrified bottle,
  • a lick detector,
  • infrared beams to detect the animal in the dark area.

Each rack of 8 apparatus is connected to an interface that provides the formatting of signals and allows the communication with the computer.



Animal dans Vogel                Rack de 8



The software on Windows allows managing 2 racks of 8 boxes, each apparatus remaining independent. Our software allows:Logiciel Vogel

  • editing exercises, establishing libraries of exercises,
  • monitoring behavioral outputs in real time on graphs,
  • recording the whole animal activity: locomotion, licks, punishments and their kinetics,
  • replaying a recording.

A software module for managing data files allows merging the files, displating the output variables and their kinetics per configurable time unit in a Microsoft Excel compatible file.