Straight alley

Motivation to get a reward, drug self-administration, Go-no-go...

Straight alley


Our straight alley is composed of:

  • an aluminum structure
  • a corridor
  • a departure and an ending box
  • a tight network of infrared beams, to locate precisely the animal
  • an automatic rewarding system (pellets or liquid)
  • an automatic system of intracerebral drug injection in the “self-administration” version


A mouse in our straight alley             Lateral view of our straight alley



Our software:

  • displays graphs in real time
  • records all movements detected by the infrared beams
  • scores latency, hesitations, time to go, speed,…
  • controls the distribution of the reward, and the injection in our “self-administration” version
  • manages the experiments per sessions


The data are classified and exported into a Microsoft Excel file.