Rotary joint for miniscope

Our rotary joint for miniscope wth a through-bore allows combining calcium imaging with other techniques, on a freely-moving animal.

Rotary joint for miniscope, with through-bore

We designed the first rotary joint for UCLA miniscope with a through-bore. It is now possible to combine calcium imaging with any other technique, such as electrophysiology, optogenetics, drug self-administration, on a freely-moving animal. Thanks to our motorized movement compensator, the experiments may be lead in large aerial mazes or in one of our behavioral chambers.

The rotary joint is embedded in our movement compensator, which transmits the compensatory rotation to the rotary joint.

The connection on both parts of the rotary joint are female SMA. The through-bore is 9mm in diameter allowing to pass fibers, cables or tubes through it.


The picture below shows our motorized movement compensator with a 12-channel electric rotary joint and our rotary joint for miniscope. The whole system has got a through-bore, so that other rotary joints may be superimposed to couple additional techniques.


Rotary joint for miniscope with through-bore