Lateralization, asymmetric rotational movements, Turning and Circling.



We propose our rotameters in racks of 4, in a mobile cupboard. Each rotameter on the rack is equipped with:

  • a support plate, a bracket
  • a low-torque rotating sensor, precision = 1/8th round.

Each rack is connected to an electronic interface, which provides the formatting of signals from sensors and allows the communication with the computer.

Racks of rotometer for rats



The software on windows allows managing 2 racks of 8 roto-meters. Each post remains independent. Our software allows:

  • monitoring behavioral outputs in real time on graphs,
  • recording 1/8th round, in both rotation directions, number of turns,
  • recording time: 1 minute to several hours.

A software module for managing data files allows merging the files, displating the output variables and their kinetics per configurable time unit in a Microsoft Excel compatible file.