Rat Gambling Task

The Rat Gambling Task (RGT) is a rapid (only one session), easy, and reproducible assessment of rat decision-making in a complex and contentious situation.


The RGT, transposed version of the human Iowa Gambling Task to rodents, involves conflicting options in which greatest gains are associated with higher unpredictable penalties, those options being unfavorable in long term. Most rats exhibit capacities of making the best decision in such a complex task whereas others persist to choose unfavorable options or remain undecided.

Rivalan et al., 2009, Biol Psychiatry


The RGT behavioral test is conducted in our polymodal system, RGT Polymodal cage-from topequipped with an adapted 5-Choice kit:


  • 5 obstructable nose-poke holes
  • 5 intensity-adjustable lights, which illuminate the interior of the holes
  • 1 pellet dispenser
  • 1 trough with visit detector
  • 1 house light


We propose the adaptation of our apparatus for the coupling of the RGT with optogenetic stimulation and/or electrophysiology recording. In order to facilitate the analyses, all the behavioral events may be synchronized with the electrophysiology recording system.


POLY_RGT Screenshot

The same software manages the RGT kit and any other configuration of the polymodal system. It can manage up to 20 cages simultaneously and independently. In the same polymodal cages, one may conduct RGT, self-administration, or classical operant conditioning, according to the equipment that is connected.




As part of a collaboration between Imetronic and Dr F.Dellu-Hagedorn,

we propose the RGT with the whole protocol (exercises, animal housing and conditioning parameters, methods, etc), so that you can set up the RGT in your own lab very quickly.

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