We install an aluminum bar in a room (without drilling). With the same Videotracking software, you may run behavioral experiments on different mazes you place below the video camera.

POLYTRACK – Polyvalent videotracking solution


All the aerial apparatus, radial Maze, water Maze, Y Maze, T Maze, Barnes Maze, elevated + Maze, Openfield, O Maze, etc. may be coupled with out POLYTRACK system in order to analyze specific behaviors.

Water-maze-milk_icone T-maze avec Souris Ymaze Screenshot radial maze2 impression d'écran du logiciel Videotrack dans un +Maze avec caméra embarquée Barnes Maze blanc pour détecter un animal foncé Y-Maze +maze Omaze


POLYTRACK is a dynamic experiment management tool that adapts to the areas of interest defined by the experimenter on the Videotracking module. With one same software, you may run behavioral experiments on every aerial maze. POLYTRACK allows:

  • setting automatically and manually areas of interest,
  • recording the video as a .AVI file. This video is synchronized with the behavioral experiment,
  • displaying in real time on the video the output of our animal detection processing,
  • displaying in real time the behavioral variables, either global, or associated with areas of interest (time spent in eahc AOI, number of entries in the AOI, distance traveled in the AOI, instant speed,…)
  • managing longitudinal experiments session after session,
  • dividing an experiment into several trials, from which behavioral outputs can be calculated,
  • recording and dating in a specific file the position of the animal, as well as the instantaneous direction of its locomotion,
  • playing again a video previously recorded with different AOI parameters, leading to the obtention of complementary results.




Our POLY_Files software allows displaying the output variables in a Microsoft Excel datasheet. In addition to the classic output variables obtained with our system, such as the total distance traveled, the distance traveled in each AOI, the number of entries in the AOI, the time spent in the AOI, the sequence of AOI visited, and the mean speed, some task-specific variables have been added (Water Maze, Radial Maze, T-Maze,…).

Moreover, our software allows saving an image of the path of an animal superimposed with a frame extracted from the video.




We may develop the calculation of new criteria according to your specific needs.

Screenshot radial maze2      masque