Place Preference

Analysis of the Place Preference behavior of Rats and Mice

Place preference for rats or mice

CPP rat-souris

Convenient, room-saving

We systematically propose CPPs in mobile racks. This allows conducting experiments on several animals in the same time on a minimal surface: rack of 3 apparatus for Rats / rack of 4 for Mice.



Our classic CPP apparatus has got 2 compartments separated by a symmetrical corridor. Two manual doors may restrain the animal in any of the 2 compartments,



The position of the animal is detected by a network of infrared beams. The location of the animal is displayed in real time by our software.



Our software, running on Windows, manages up to 3 racks for Rats (18 CPP apparatus) or 4 racks for Mice (16 CPP apparatus). Each apparatus remains independent. Our software enables:

  • a graphical display
  • storing and dating all the behavioral data,
  • recording the following inputs: locomotor activity, activity in each compartment, number of entries, series of the visits in each compartment, kinetics of the entries, …


A software module manages the data files to get a Microsoft Excel document with all the results, animal per animal.