Open field

Openfield allows measuring exploratory behavior, locomotor activity, response to stress and anxiety ...

Open field


  • PVC structure with removable floor (L x W x H = 600 x 600 x 400 mm) equipped with infrared sensors for accurate location of the animal and with a kit for measuring the rearing.
  • An interface, that provides the formatting of signals from infrared sensors and allows communication with the computer.
  • OPTIONAL: It is possible to specify the condition of the command to perform open-fields “storied” to save space, i.e. we can put two open-fields, one on the other. In this case, the top one has removable wheels. They are removed for the position “to floor”, and we put the wheels to position “individual”.

screenshot_logiciel_Openfieldopen field 2openfield pour rat


A software on windows allows:

  • monitoring graphs,
  • real time monitoring the movements of the animal and its rearing (each open-field remains independent),
  • saving data files,
  • replaying the recording.

A software module for managing data files allows: choosing an output variable among those proposed (total activity, vertical activity, distance, preferably zone, time spent in quadrants…), merging the files, presenting the output variables and their kinetics per configurable unit time in a file importable on Microsoft Excel.