Multi-channel liquid rotary joint

Our multi-channel liquid rotary joints are designed with a hollow axis, allowing the coupling of electrophysiology and optogenetics with drug self-administration and microdialysis.

Multi-channel liquid rotary joint

Single-way liquid swivels are offered by a large number of providers. However, this type of rotary joint is not easy to combine with electric, optic rotary joints, because they do not have a through-bore.

The great advantage of all our commutators is to have a through-bore. This allow to pass wires, fibers and tubes in the central axis to combine several techniques.

Our liquid rotary joints have got 1, 2 or 3 distinct chambers and a through-bore. Thus, they are recommended to run behavioral experiments in which electric wires and/or fibres need to be used, too.

Our electric rotary joints are embedded with our motorized movement compensator, which compensates both the rotative movements of the animal and the weight of the cables, fibers, tubes.