Feeding Behavior

Apparatus allows and analyzes feeding behavior of rodents, food preference, drink preference, kinetics of meals, etc...

Feeding behavior


Box of feeding behavior:Rack BMB

  • mobile metal frame forming a rack of 8 apparatus
  • rack dimensions: height, width, depth: 1.80 x 1 x 0.6 m,
  • each apparatus is equipped with: a removable cage, a sliding grid floor, infrared sensors
  • each box can be equipped with 3 items: 2 bottles and 1 trough.






Universal dispenser for uncalibrated food:distributeur seul

  • dispenser with 27 independent reward containers,
  • dimensions: 19.5 x 19.5 x 8 cm,
  • automatics distributions by the software,
  • allows to deliver any types of uncalibrated food; pellets, granules, dried fruits,
  • for all species: rodents, fishes, monkeys…etc.


Each apparatus is connected to an electronic interface, which provides the formatting of signals from sensors and allows communication with the computer.