Dispenser and collector of tokens for Primates

The monkey triggers a behavior test by placing a token into a slot. According to its performance, it may receive tokens as rewards at he end of the test.

Dispenser and collector of tokens for Primates


A push-button is lit on to inform the animal that a new trial is ready to be conducted. When the animal pushes the button and slides a tocken into the slot, the collector part of the apparatus sends an electric signal to the experimenter’s device, and triggers a new behavioral task.




According to the behavioral output, our collector is sent an electric signal that triggers the distribution of a given number of tokens into a stainless steel bowl. The distribution of tokens may also be controlled manually by a push-button.






Our software records all the actions in relation with our collector and dispenser (number of push-button presses, number of tokens put into the slot, number of tockens distributed, etc), and the kinetics of all these events, per configurable time unit.