Combining optogenetics and self-administration

Imetronic developed solutions to couple and synchronize the analysis of intravenous drug self-administration behavioral experiments with optogenetic stimulation.

Combining optogenetics and self-administration

CommutatorOptogenetic system

We developed a 2-way liquid rotary joint on which we implemented a commercial dual optic rotary joint, to combine self-administration and optogenetical stimulation in the same behavioral experiments. Our commutator is equipped with electronic rotation and rearing assistants, allowing the animal to move freely in the apparatus. Therefore, neither optical fibers nor tubes may interfere with the behavior of the animal.

The software that manages our apparatus may control an external light generator (laser or LEDs) and synchronize the light with any behavioral events measured in the apparatus.




+ Electrophysiology

As all are systems have got a hollow axis, our 64-channel electric commutator may be used in combination with the liquid+opto commutator.


Scientific Partners

OPTOPATH : http://optopath.equipex.u-bordeaux….




Additional Information

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