Circular Corridor

To highlight motor delays, reactivity to novelty, habituation mechanisms, exploratory behavior, anxiogenic effects, sedative effects...

Circular corridor

ApparatusCircular corridor for Rat

The circular corridor for Rats is composed of:

  • a 65 cm metal square
  • 2 PVC removable cylinders forming a circular corridor
  • a sliding drawer for sawdust
  • infrared sensors to detect the locomotion of the animal



For Mice, we propose circular corridors in racks of 8 apparatus:

Circular corridor for mice - rack of 8


The circular corridors are connected to an electronic interface, which provides the formatting of signals from infrared sensors and allows communication with the computer.



Screenshot of the software that manages experiments of circular corridors

The software can manage up to 48 circular corridors, each apparatus remaining independent. The software that manages the experiments allows:

  • displaying in real time the locomotor activity
  • storing data per configurable unit time (from1 sec to several hours)
  • recording duration: from 1 minute to several days
  • data: activity in each quadrant, distance traveled, …

A software module allows:

  • displaying results of a lot of experiments on the same file
  • calculating several output variables and their kinetics per customized time units


All the results are displayed in a Microsoft Excel compatible datasheet.