Barnes Maze

Spatial learning and memory


The animal is placed on a circular board in a moderate to strong illumination context. The animal will naturally seek the opaque refuge box, which the experimentator will have positioned below one of the holes of the Barnes Maze.



Our classical Barnes Maze, or 18-hole board, is placed on a 50 cm high aluminum frame. We let you choose the dimension of the board. We provide a refuge box, which may be placed below any hole of the board.

The animal is detected by our Videotracking system. We come and install in your room, withou drilling any hole, an aluminum bar to hold the video camera.



Barnes Maze blanc pour détecter un animal foncé           Barnes Maze noir pour détecter un animal clair




Our videotracking software records in a very accurate manner, the distance traveled and the path of the animal.

The software that manages the experiments, together with a module that calculates the output variables, will inform you about the latency times (first visit of a hole, time to the refuge box), the number of errors, etc.

The results are displayed in a Microsoft Excel compatible datasheet.