Activity wheel for head-restrained animal

The mouse runs on the top of the wheel and gets a reward according to behavioral outputs set by the experimenter. Electrophysiological and optogenetic studies may be conducted while the animal is running and getting the reward.

Activity wheel for head-restrained animal


The mouse is immobilized by the skull and walks on the top of the wheel. The animal may receive liquid rewards while running.

The apparatus is composed of:

  • a plated-steel platform on which a stereotaxic apparatus may be fixed
  • a low-torque activity wheel equipped with rotation sensors
  • two syringe pumps to deliver liquid in front of the mouth of the animal
  • a sound generator and loudspeaker
  • two buttons whose actions may be controlled by the experimenter in the exercise (a press on one button would lead to one drop of liquid and a press on the second would lead to the emission of a sound)
  • a TTL command. This signal may be used as a trigger by any electrophysiological or optogenetical system.

The software manages the distribution of liquid and the emission of sounds according to real-time locomotor data (instantaneous locomotor speed, acceleration, distance covered,…), and clocks.


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Made to measure

This apparatus is adaptable according to your requests and your needs.



The main measured data are:

  • real-time locomotor speed
  • kinetics of the locomotor activity of the mouse
  • distance covered
  • number of drops of liquid distributed

The data are classified and exported into a Microsoft Excel file.