Contribution of the ventro-lateral periaqueductal grey matter to fear conditioned analgesia

Congratulations to:

Nȃnci Aléxia Vieira Winke

to publish for her Master’s degree a new article using especially our Fear Conditioning system.

This study’s development took place under the guidance of Cyril Herry ‘s team.


Figure 2 – Behaviour protocol. The protocol is a combination of two steps: 1) Auditory fear conditioning; 2) Hot Plate test. The Auditory fear conditioning consists in three sessions: an Habituation session in which the two tones are presented in a sequential manner (4CS- /4CS+ )., a Conditioning session performed in a different context and during which the CS+ is paired with a mild footstock (US onset started at the end of the CS+) and a Retrieval session which consisted in the presentation of 4 CSfollowed by the presentation of the 4 CS+ . If the animal is conditioned (evaluated by discrimination and the conditioning indices) it was submitted to the Hot Plate Paradigm, if not, the animal was re-conditioned. The hot-plate paradigm consisted in two trials, in which one of the two tones (counterbalanced between animals) is presented while the temperature increases (6ºC/min).


Fear Complet_small

Imetronic Fear conditioning system