Age‐related impairment of declarative memory: linking memorization of temporal associations to GluN2B redistribution in dorsal CA1

Congratulations to:

  • Alice Shaam Al Abed,
  • Azza Sellami,
  • Mylene Potier,
  • Eva‐Gunnel Ducourneau,
  • Pauline Gerbeaud‐Lassau,
  • Laurent Brayda‐Bruno,
  • Valerie Lamothe,
  • Nathalie Sans,
  • Aline Desmedt,
  • Peter Vanhoutte,
  • Catherine Bennetau‐Pelissero,
  • Pierre Trifilieff,
  • Aline Marighetto

for publishing a new article in Aging Cell using our radial maze and fear conditioning system.

Published: 2020, October 3rd