About us

IMETRONIC® is an engineering company that offers its robotics skills to scientific laboratories.


Our measuring devices are used to learn more about diseases and are also used in research for various treatments.

Together with our customers, who are major international research laboratories, we participate in each project for the advancement of human knowledge so that one day, the following serious diseases can be eradicated:

If you would like to help support research on these diseases of the brain and the nervous system, go to: https://soutenir.frcneurodon.org




Imetronic was established in 1988 to meet the growing need for automated measurements for in vivo tests in French Neuroscience laboratories. Imetronic’s goal is to keep its original creative energy, its ability to innovate and to integrate new technologies in order to invent tools that continue to help neuroscientists to unlock the mysteries of the brain.


A solid foundation and a long-term vision are needed to stay the course, especially in uncertain times:

Imetronic’s actions are guided by the following fundamental values, which are firmly embedded in our charter: adaptability, agility, team spirit, integrity, versatility, respect, customer satisfaction, quality and Kaizen (continuous improvement).


Imetronic has always cultivated its independence and is not specifically linked to a particular laboratory and is not a part of a large international group. In an increasingly faster race for knowledge, where the authorship of discovery is the driving force behind innovation, we have always believed that our independence is inseparable from our activity. We do not force laboratories to use our equipment, and very often, we support these laboratories in their projects by adapting our equipment to meet to their needs. Our products are constantly evolving and therefore, as a matter of choice, we do not have any trademarks. The source of our financing is also very transparent: 100% of it comes from our sales.


Our strategy has been based on specialization from the very beginning. We have chosen to offer a limited catalog of equipment of our own manufacture and to provide our own after-sales service, rather than to offer a plethora of poorly controlled multi-brand products. Our vision is long-term: we are against programmed obsolescence. Sustainability is a very important part of our business cycle. Our goal is to achieve a life span of about 20 years for our devices, which is why it is important to master these devices perfectly so that we can ensure their maintenance over time. In addition, this approach significantly reduces the real cost (cost of initial investment / number of years of use) of our devices.


Imetronic is a company with a human touch, where communication between the sales department, the design office and the workshop is extremely fluid. This fluidity allows us to make rapid decisions, which explains our ability to adapt to the changing needs of our customers. Our many years of experience and specialization also explain our ability to adapt quickly to new needs and to customize our products.


We have demonstrated our ability on many occasions to respond to major calls for tenders. The successful  OPTOPATH (2011) multi-year future investment with a budget of 6 million euros is a good example of this. We have been involved with the research teams in a global approach since the very beginning of this project. We helped these teams to define the technologies that were adapted to the project’s various innovations. We also helped them to define the ideal surfaces for the rooms by taking into account the architectural constraints of the building, the optimal layout of the equipment, the location of electrical connections, networks, compressed air, etc. Some rooms were equipped with 40 of our cages to offer the option to start experiments simultaneously or independently. It was necessary to design the mechanical, computer and electronic components of the entire system in order to control a large number of units in a limited space while providing maximum flow. Finally, we would not have been able to respond to these calls for tenders without our network of quality subcontractors / partners.


This financial strength accumulated over time allows us to respond today to major projects that require a significant amount of working capital, especially in the start-up phase. Thanks to this long-term vision, despite our small size, Imetronic now has a solid equity to total balance sheet ratio that allows us to approach long-term projects with confidence, both for us and for our customers.


The historical geographical location of our headquarters is also one of our assets. France and especially the Aquitaine region are internationally recognized areas of innovation, particularly in Neurosciences. Investment is strong and continuous. We have major scientific centers, particularly in life sciences, such as the CNRS, the French Institute of Medical Research (INSERM), the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) and the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER). The region is also acquiring significant resources to make the Bordeaux Neurocampus an internationally recognized center. At the national level, the French Research Tax Credit (CIR) and future investments are also powerful supports for innovation.

Finally, southwest France has a number of good advantages for attracting talent. The mild and temperate climate, closeness to the beauty and inspiration of nature, the ocean and mountains, as well as an extensive transport network attract researchers and engineers to our region. France’s central location in Europe and the proximity of our headquarters to the Bordeaux airport and train station allow us to easily and quickly expand our international reach.


“We do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children. “ Old indian proverb