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AMPAR-Dependent Synaptic Plasticity Initiates Cortical Remapping and Adaptive Behaviors during Sensory Experience

Congratulations to: Tiago Campelo,Elisabete Augusto,Nicolas Chenouard,Aron de Miranda,Vladimir Kouskoff,Come Camus,Daniel Choquet,and Frédéric Gambino … Read more

A Novel in vivo Anti-amnesic Agent, Specially Designed to Express Both Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) Inhibitory, Serotonergic Subtype 4 Receptor (5-HT4R) Agonist and Serotnergic Subtype 6 Receptor (5-HT6R) Inverse Agonist Activities, With a Potential Interest Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Congratulations to: Bérénice Hatat, Samir Yahiaoui, Cédric Lecoutey, Audrey Davis, Thomas Freret, Michel … Read more

Targeting PPARα in the rat valproic acid model of autism: focus on social motivational impairment and sex-related differences

Congratulations to: Simona Scheggi, Francesca Guzzi, Giulia Braccagni, Maria Graziella De Montis, Marco Parenti & Carla Gambarana  for publishing … Read more

Differential effects of GABAA receptor activation in the prelimbic and orbitofrontal cortices on anxiety

Congratulations to: Trudy A. Green,  Sarah J. Baracz,  Nick A. Everett,  Katherine J. … Read more

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Additionally to the apparatus introduced in this section, our Polymodal System, equipped as an example with retractable levers, pellet dispenser, trough with visit detection, drinking trough with lickmeter, has also been designed to study feeding behavior.

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Drug dependency

We propose several apparatus that have been specifically developed to study drug dependencies. Moreover, our Polymodal System, with a drug intravenous self-administration equipment (nosepokes, cue-lights, syringe-pump, sound) is totally adapted to study drug addiction.

Neurobiology Apparatus

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