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The Mouse Gambling Task: Assessing Individual Decision-making Strategies in Mice

Congratulations to: Elsa Pittaras,  Arnaud Rabat, Sylvie Granon for publishing a new article in … Read more

Theta oscillations coincide with sustained hyperpolarization in CA3 pyramidal cells, underlying decreased firing

Congratulations to: Meryl Malezieux,  Ashley L. Kees,  Christophe Mulle for publishing a new article using our operant running … Read more

IMETRONIC at the ANS 2019 conference

Many thanks to all visitors who came to meet Nicolas on our booth … Read more

IMETRONIC is at the 13th Biennial Conference of Chinese Neuroscience Society

We are proud to participate to the 13th Biennial Conference of Chinese Neuroscience … Read more

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Additionally to the apparatus introduced in this section, our Polymodal System, equipped as an example with retractable levers, pellet dispenser, trough with visit detection, drinking trough with lickmeter, has also been designed to study feeding behavior.

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Drug dependency

We propose several apparatus that have been specifically developed to study drug dependencies. Moreover, our Polymodal System, with a drug intravenous self-administration equipment (nosepokes, cue-lights, syringe-pump, sound) is totally adapted to study drug addiction.

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