Electric Commutator

Our 64-channel electric commutator has got a complex system to compensate rotative and rearing movements, allowing the animal (Rat or Mouse) to execute tasks without mechanical constraint.

64-channel electric commutator

We developed a state-of-the-art 64-channel electric commutator to record electrophysiological activity of neurons in rodents during behavioral experimentations.

Our electric commutator is unique, thanks to two main characteristics:

  1. It has got a through bore, allowing to pass fibers or tubes through it. It permits combining ephy recording, optogenetic stimulation and iv drug self-administration as an example.
  2. It embeds a double electronic compensating system. Not to interfere with the behavior of the animal, we developed a revolutionnary system, which compensates both the rotations of the animal in the chamber and the rearings.

To prevent cables from interfering with the animal behavior, we developed an electronic compensator, which compensates the rotations and rearings of the animal. We propose commutators for Rats and for Mice, with different levels of sensitivity of the electronic assistant.

Our system may be implemented with a second commutator, bringing the total number of channel to 128.

We are developing other electric commutators with less channels, for EEG, Mismatch Negativity, etc. Please contact us for more details.


+ Autoadministration / Microdialysis

Our 64-channel electrophysiological commutator may be used in combination with our single- or double-way liquid rotary joint.


+ Optogenetics

Our 64-channel electrophysiological commutator has got an hollow axis, which allows its combination with an optogenetical rotary joint.






OPTOPATH : http://optopath.equipex.u-bordeaux….



Optogenetics combined with intravenous drug self-administration

Intravenous drug self-administration


+ Accessories to synchronize ephy recording and optogenetic stimulation

BananaBox (in order to synchronize IMETRONIC events with ephy recording systems such as PLEXON, INTAN, BLACKROCK, NEURALYNX etc…)


SyncToTTL (in order to synchronize IMETRONIC and/or external events with ephy recording systems such as PLEXON, INTAN, BLACKROCK, NEURALYNX etc…)


TTLpulseMS (in order to activate a laser/LED according to the behavior of the animal in a closed-loop manner, thanks to our POLY software. As it triggers TTL puses, it may be used to sign behavioral events to ephy recording systems in combination to the activation of optogenetic stimulation. Our TTLpulseMS, as our other accessories has got a generic functioning, so that it may be used with any external systems, such as PLEXON, DORIC, CNI Lasers, PRIZMATIX etc…)