About us


A Know-how acquired over the years

IMETRONIC has been created in 1988, along with the needs of the French neuroscience labs to get automatic measurements of animal behaviors in vivo.  The founder, M. Christian Darracq, was an engineer in automatisms in a French Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) research lab when he created his own company at the age of 36. From the beginning, IMETRONIC has been bringing 3 main skills to the labs:

From its creation, the company kept evolving together with the technological upgrades. And in 2013, after 14 years in the company, Christian’s son Bertrand took over the company.

Imetronic is based in Pessac, near Bordeaux. Our turnover is divided into:

This distribution has been evolving rapidly for the past years since we have a growing number of foreigner collaborators.


Management team

Bertrand DARRACQ 

Christian DARRACQ – Founder and consultant (partner)

Kevin BODDEZ – Design Office       Nicolas BONNEAU, PhD – Customer service