Motor response, Reactivity to novelty , Usual mechanism , Exploratory behavior , Anxiogenic effects, Sedative effects, Circadian rhythms...

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  • a metal structure (covered with PVC removable plates) forming a rack of 8 boxes .
  • rack dimensions : height , width , depth : 1m65 , 1 m , 0,6 m.
  • each box is equipped with : a sliding floor, a removable cage , infrared sensors.

This rack is connected to an electronic interface, which provides the formatting of signals from infrared sensors and allows communication with the computer.

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The software (running on Windows) allows managing 6 racks of 8 cages (i.e. 48 actimeters). Each cage remains independent.

  • monitoring graphs,
  • data storage per configurable unit of time (from 1 sec to several hours),
  • recording time: from 1 minute to several days,
  • data : Front activity, Back activity, Locomotion or Rearing (FR, BA, BF, RE)

A software module is dedicated to managing data files. It allows: merging the files, presenting the output variables and their kinetics per configurable time unit in a Microsoft Excel compatible data sheet.

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